Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate(TN SSLC) TN 10th Class Syllabus-All Subjects

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Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate(TN SSLC)TN 10th Class Syllabus-All Subjects

Tamil Nadu is an innovation-based economy with a strong performance in manufacturing and services. It is also famous for the Land of Temples. It has cerulean mountains, silver waterfalls, verdant vegetation, sandy beaches, mammoth monuments, timeless temples, fabulous wildlife, scintillating sculptures, and reverberating rural life. Tamil Nadu shares the boundaries with the following states: Andhra Pradesh to the North, Kerala to the West, the Indian Ocean to the East and South, and Karnataka to the North West. Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate conducts the 10th class exam every year in the Month Of May.

Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate- Exam Pattern

Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate conducts 10th Class exams in the Month Of May. And the compulsory subjects are Tamil, English, Maths, Science, and Social Science. And Optional Subjects are Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Arabic, Gujarati, Malayalam, Sanskrit, French, and Urdu. And the duration of the exam is 3 hours and extra time will be given 15 minutes to read the question paper. And a minimum of 35% of marks should get in each subject to qualify for the exam. An optional language score is not added to the final score. Below is the tabular form of the 10th class Exam Pattern:

Part Subject Paper Maximum Marks Minimum Marks to clear
Part I Tamil Paper I 100 35
Tamil Paper-II 100
Part II English Paper I 100 35
English Paper-II 100
Part III Mathematics 100 35
Science 100 35
Social Science 100 35
Part IV Optional Language Telugu, Arabic, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati Sanskrit. French and Urdu 100 Not prescribed


Downloading Of 10th Class Syllabus for Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate for 10th class students can download their syllabus for all subjects by PDF link formats. So students can easily prepare for the exams by knowing the subjects topics and duration of exams students can prepare better for exams. Below are the PDF links to be downloaded:

10th Class Syllabus 2022 All Subject Latest Pdf Download

10th Class Syllabus 2022 Tamil Medium All Subject Latest Pdf Download

10th Class  Syllabus 2022 English Medium All Subject Latest Pdf Download

10th Class Syllabus 2022 Tamil Medium Download

English Download
Maths Download
Science Download
Tamil Download
Social Science Download

10th class Syllabus 2022 English Medium Download

Tamil Download
English Download
Maths Download
Science Download
Social Science  Download


Topics wise syllabus for 10th Class for Tamil Nadu Secondary  School Leaving Certificate

Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate topic wise syllabus for all subjects can be made easy to the students for preparing exams. 10th Class exams will be conducted in offline mode i.e. pen and paper mode . Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate Board conducts 10th class exams for all government and private schools in the state. Below is the list of topics for each subject:

Topics wise list for English Subject:
Unit 01: The model millionaire – prose
Unit 02: Beautiful inside – poem
Unit 03: Sam – supplementary reading
Unit 04: Music – the hope raiser – prose
Unit 05: The piano – poem
Unit 06: The piano lesson – supplementary reading
Unit 07: A golden path – prose
Unit 08: Manliness – poem
Unit 09: The face of Judas Iscariot – supplementary reading
Unit 10: Will thirst become unquenchable – prose
Unit 11: Going for water – poem
Unit 12: Swept away – supplementary reading
Unit 13: Making visible the invisible – prose
Unit 14: The cry of the children – poem
 Unit 15: A close encounter – supplementary reading
Unit 16: A flight with the moon on their wings – prose
 Unit 17: Migrant bird – poem
Unit 18: The summer flight – supplementary reading
Unit 19: Our heritage- a timeless marvel – prose
Unit 20: Shilpi – poem
Unit 21: Caught sneezing – supplementary reading


Topics wise list for Mathematics Subject:
Unit 01: Sets and functions
Unit 02: Sequences and series of real numbers
Unit 03: Algebra
Unit 04: Matrices
Unit 05: Coordinate geometry
Unit 06: Geometry
Unit 07: Trigonometry
Unit 08: Mensuration
Unit 09: Practical geometry
Unit 10: Graphs
Unit 11: Statistics
Unit 12: Probability


Topics wise list for Sanskrit Subject:
Unit 01: Poetry
Unit 02: Grammar
 Unit 03: Prose
Unit 04: Drama and translation


Topics wise list for Biology Subject:
Unit 01: Heredity and evolution
Unit 02: Immune system
Unit 03: Structure and functions of human body organ systems
Unit 04: Reproduction in plants
Unit 05: A representative study of mammals
Unit 06: Life processes
Unit 07: Conservation of environment
Unit 08: Waste water management


Topics wise list for Chemistry Subject:
Unit 01: Solutions
Unit 02: Atoms and molecules
Unit 03: Chemical reactions
Unit 04: Periodic classification of elements
Unit 05: Carbon and its compounds


Topics wise list for Physics Subject:
 Unit 01: Measuring instruments
Unit 02: Laws of motion and gravitation
Unit 03: Electricity and energy
Unit 04: Magnetic effect of electric current and light


Topics wise list for History Subject:
Unit 01: Imperialism – imperialism in India and china
Unit 02: First world war (A.D.1914 – A.D.1918) – league of nations
Unit 03: World between the two world wars (A.D. 1919 –A.D. 1939) – economic depression
Unit 04: Fascism in Italy
Unit 05: Nazism in Germany (A.D. 1933 – A.D. 1945)
Unit 06: Second world war (A.D. 1939 – A.D. 1945)
Unit 07: The United Nations organization
Unit 08: European union
Unit 09: The great revolt of 1857
Unit 10: Social and religious reform movements in the 19th century
Unit 11: Freedom movement in India – phase – I – pre-Gandhian era (A.D 1885 – A.D.1919)
 Unit 12: Freedom movement in India – phase –II – Gandhian era (A.D. 1920 – A.D. 1947)
Unit 13: Role of Tamil Nadu in the freedom movement
Unit 14: Social transformation in Tamil Nadu


Topics wise list for Geography Subject:
Unit 01: India – location and physiography
Unit 02: India – climate
Unit 03: India – natural resources
Unit 04: India – agriculture
Unit 05: India – industries
Unit 06: Environmental issues
Unit 07: India – trade, transport and communication
Unit 08: Remote sensing
Unit 09: Disaster risk reduction


Topics wise list for Civics Subject:
Unit 01: India and world peace
Unit 02: Democracy
Unit 03: Unity in diversity
Unit 04: Consumer rights


Topics wise list for Economics Subject:
Unit 01: National income
Unit 02: Indian economy after independence


  • Tamil Nadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate  Board prepares questions paper in a tough manner. So students have to prepare well for the exams.
  • Prepare Time table one month before the exams. So that you can cover the whole syllabus without any confusion.
  • Do meditation everyday until the exams completed so that your brain gets relaxed and it don’t feel stress.
  • Must and should carry your admit card to the exams. Without it examiners cannot allow to the class. And take a Xerox of the admit card.
  • Prepare your geometrical things i.e. pen, pencil, scale, and other things. Must and should carry those.


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