SCERT Jharkhand Textbooks 2022…Download Jharkhand 11th Class Textbook 2022

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SCERT Jharkhand Textbooks 2022 – Download 12th Class Textbooks, PDF, Syllabus

State Council of Educational Research & Training, Jharkhand has released available on the website textbooks for 12th class (SCERT Jhrakhand). Candidates who are studying 12th class can obtain the detailed textbook and lesson-by-lesson syllabus in PDF format. For the convenience of the candidates, offers a class- and subject-specific complete syllabus along with the URLs for every subject.

Board of Secondary Education, Jharkhand and SCERT Jharkhand will release the upgraded versions of textbooks every year. Students need to check the official dashboard of SCERT Jharkhand regularly to download the e-books in a PDF format. Every year HP Board of School Education will distribute the textbooks to the poor students, now for the sake of students who are not in a stage to buy a textbook, SCERT Jharkhand every year releases the original textbook in an accessible format.

SCERT Jharkhand Textbooks 2022 – Preview:

Name of the Organizations Jharkhand State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT Jharkhand)
Name of the Website  SCERT Jharkhand
Official Website
Available Information Syllabus, Textbook URL, Videos
Number of Classes Textbooks 12th Class


About Jharkhand School Education Department:

The State of Jharkhand came into existence on 15th of November,2000. An Act to establish the Jharkhand Academic Council was enacted by the Jharkhand State Legislature and assented to by honourable Governor of the State on 26.02.2003 and notifed by the government on 04.03.2003, which is known as Jharkhand Academic Council Act 2002 .

The Jharkhand Academic Council was constituted by HRD Department Government of Jharkhand Vide Notification No. 6/V0-101/012491 dated 02-09-2003.

Functions of SCERT:

The National Policy on Education (NPE) envisaged teacher education as a continuous process with pre-service and in-service training being its inseparable components. It emphasized the significance and need for a decentralized system for the professional preparation of teachers, and it was in this context that District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs), Colleges of Teacher Education (CTEs) and Institutes of Advanced Study in Education (IASEs) were established.

JAC 2022 Class 11th Syllabus for English:

1 Reading Comprehension
2 Note making and Summary
3 Writing Short Composition
4 Personal response Personal response
5 Notice/ Poster making/ Advertisement Poster making/ Advertisement
6 Letters to editor/ Official letters/ Business letters Business letters
7 Report/ Article/ Speech Article/ Speech
1 I Determiners
II Tenses
III Clauses
IV Modals
2 Active and Passive Construction
3 Re-ordering of Sentences
4 Error Correction, Editing task
Textbook (Hornbill)
Prose section
1 The Portrait of a Lady
2 We’re Not Afraid to Die…if We Can All Be Together
3 Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues
4 The landscape of the Soul
Serial Number Chapter Name Deleted Topics
5 The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role
6 The Browning Version
7 The Adventure
8 Silk Road
Poetry Section
1 A Photograph
2 The Laburnum Top
3 The Voice of the Rain
4 Childhood
5 Father to Son
Textbook (Snapshots)
1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse
2 The Address
3 Ranga’s Marriage
4 Albert Einstein at School
5 Mother’s Day
6 The Ghat of the Only World
7 Birth
8 The Tale of Melon City


JAC 2022 Class 11th Syllabus for Mathematics

Serial Number Chapter Name Deleted Topics
1 Sets 1.12 Practical Problems On Union and
The intersection of Two sets
2 Relations and Functions 2.4.2 Algebra of real functions
3 Trigonometric Functions
4 Principle of Mathematical Induction
5 Complex Number and Quadratic Equation 5.5 Argand Plane and Polar
6 Linear Inequalities
7 Permutations and Combinations
8 Binomial Theorem
9 Sequences and Series 9.7 Sum to n Terms of Special Series
10 Straight Lines
11 Conic Sections 11.6 Hyperbola
12 Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry 12.5 Section Formula
13 Limits and Derivatives
14 Mathematical Reasoning
15 Statistics
16 Probability


JAC 2022 Class 11th Syllabus for Biology

Serial Number Chapter Name
1 The Living World
2 Biological Classification
3 Plant Kingdom
4 Animal Kingdom
5 Morphology of Flowering Plants
6 Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7 Structural Organisation in Animals
8 Cell-The Unit of Life
9 Biomolecules
10 Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11 Transport in Plants
12 Mineral Nutrition
13 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
14 Respiration in Plants
15 Plant – Growth  and Development
16 Digestion and Absorption
17 Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18 Body Fluids and Circulation
19 Excretory   Products and Their Elimination
20 Locomotion and Movement
21 Neural Control and Coordination
22 Chemical Coordination and Integration


JAC 2022 Class 11th Syllabus for Physics

Chapter Name Whether the chapter is selected or not
Physical World No
Unit and   Measurement Yes
Motion in   Straight Line Yes
Motion in Plane Yes
Laws of Motion Yes
Work, Energy and   Power Yes
The motion of System   of Particles and Rigid Body Yes
Gravitation Yes
Mechanical   Properties of Solid Yes
Mechanical   Properties of fluids Yes
Thermal Properties of Matter Yes
Thermodynamics Yes
The behaviour of   Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory No
Oscillation Yes
Waves Yes


JAC 2022 Class 11th Syllabus for Chemistry

S.NO Chapter Name
1 Some Basic Concepts   of Chemistry
2 Structure of Atom
3 Classification ofElements and

Periodicity in   Properties

4 Chemical Bonding   and Molecular Structure
5 States of Matter
6 Thermodynamics
7 Equilibrium
8 Redox Reactions
9 Hydrogen
10 S-Block Elements
11 Some P-Block   Elements
12 Organic Chemistry:Some Basic   Principles and Techniques
13 Hydrocarbons
14 Environmental   Chemistry


SCERT Jharkhand 12th Class Textbooks

Click Here for Official Website of Jharkhand State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT Jharkhand)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for SCERT Jharkhand Textbooks:

How can I download my 12th Class Syllabus?

Students who are preparing for 12th Class can access their syllabus from the official website of State Council of Educational Research & Training Jharkhand

Who will conduct the Jharkhand School Examinations?

Board of School Education, Jharkhand

What are the textbooks available here in this PDF?

Jharkhand 12th Class textbooks

In how many mediums Jharkhand textbooks are available?

English and Hindi medium

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