“Secure and Convenient: Download Your PLI Policy Bond from DigiLocker Today 2023!”

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PLI Policy Bond 2023: Digital locker access is provided for the PLI Policy Bond for Postal Life Insurance subscribers. Digilocker India now offers digital versions of Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Policy Bonds to policyholders who qualify.

It’s a bold move by the Postal Service as a whole. The Postal Service has addressed the issue of a missing policy bond for postal life insurance. The policy bond is now available for mobile download.

The Postal Service has released an electronic Postal Life Insurance Bond (ePLI bond). You can now purchase a Postal Life Insurance (PLI) or Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) policy bond in “electronic form,” with the assurance that the department would recognize and honor the digital copy as an equally legitimate policy document for all purposes.

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Download Your PLI Policy Bond  2023!”

DigiLocker, created by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s National eGovernance Division (NeGD), is being used to distribute ePLI bonds. The digital version of the Policy bond can be downloaded to a mobile device by logging in securely to the Digilocker. Electronic versions of PLI and RPLI policy bonds are now offered.

Any and all financial and non-financial demands pertaining to PLI/RPLI must be accompanied by a valid ePLI policy bond with a digital signature in order to be processed by the Department of Posts.

There is no need for the PLI policyholder to wait for the actual copy of the PLI policy bond to be delivered. All policyholders, both current and formerly insured, have access to this service.

Multiple Postal and Rural Postal Life Insurance Policies, such as Endowment Assurance, Anticipated Endowment Assurance, Whole Life Assurance, Convertible Whole Life Assurance, Child Policy, Yugal Suraksha (in PLI), and Gram Priya (in RPLI), can be downloaded simultaneously following the Department of Posts’ issuance of the policy bond.

During the maturity settlement at the Post office, the policyholder can simply submit the digital copy from the issued area of the digilocker mobile app. The Postal Service will recognize the electronic version as a legally binding policy document.

The policyholder can utilize the ePLI Bond in the same way, eliminating the need to carry around a physical copy of the policy when making changes like changing their address or naming a beneficiary.

Download Your PLI Policy Bond  2023!” Overview

Article Name Download PLI Bond or RPLI Bond on Online
Subject Postal Life Insurance launched the PLI Bond
Category Bond
Website Link https://www.indiapost.gov.in/
PLI Web Portal https://pli.indiapost.gov.in/
DigiLocker App Download Link DigiLocker


How do I access my Digi Locker to retrieve my PLI/RPLI Policy Bond?

Following the instructions below, policyholders of Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) can retrieve their policy bond via DigiLocker.

  1. To learn more about DigiLocker, please visit https://digilocker.gov.in/.
  2. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for one by clicking the “Sign Up” button.
  3. After signing in, go to the “Issuer” menu and pick “Department of Posts” from the drop-down menu.
  4. To select a policy type, either “Postal Life Insurance” or “Rural Postal Life Insurance” must be chosen.
  5. Please provide your policy information, including your date of birth and policy number.
  6. To get your policy bond, just hit the “Get Document” button.
  7. The screen will show you the bond associated with your policy.
  8. To save the file to your computer, select the “Save” or “Download” button.
  9. If necessary, you can also print off a copy of the insurance guarantee.

What are the benefits of a PLI bond?

The Postal Life Insurance (PLI) policy bond is a very important paper that explains how your insurance policy works. Some of the reasons why it’s good to have a PLI link are:

Proof of insurance: The policy bond shows that you have a legal insurance policy with PLI and explains what the policy covers and what benefits it gives.

Legal standing: The PLI insurance bond is a legal document that can be used as proof in court if needed.

Clarity on policy terms: The policy bond clearly spells out the policy’s terms and conditions, including the payment amount, the length of coverage, any exceptions, and other important details.

Easy access to policy information: If you keep a copy of your policy bond, you can easily access your policy information whenever you need it, without having to go to a post office or call customer service.

Renewal is easy because the policy bond tells you how to renew your policy, including how much your payment is and when it’s due.

Protection against loss or damage: If you download your insurance bond from DigiLocker, you can save time and effort and protect the physical document from being lost or damaged.


What is an insurance bond for PLI?
The terms and conditions of your Postal Life Insurance policy are written in a paper called a “PLI policy bond.”

Why do I have to download the bond for my PLI policy?
When you download your PLI policy bond, you can easily access your policy information. You also don’t have to worry about losing or damaging the actual document, and it’s easy to renew your policy.

Can I use DigiLocker to get my PLI insurance bond even if I don’t have an account?
No, you can’t download your PLI insurance bond without a DigiLocker account.

Can I trust DigiLocker to let me download my PLI policy bond?
Yes, DigiLocker is a safe and reliable tool that is supported by the Indian government. Your policy bond will be kept in a safe place in your account that only you can get to.

What should I do if DigiLocker won’t let me download my PLI policy bond?
If you can’t download your PLI policy bond from DigiLocker, you can ask the Postal Life Insurance customer service staff for help.

Is a PLI policy bond that I downloaded good for all official uses?
Yes, a PLI policy bond downloaded from DigiLocker is a valid document that can be used for any government business.

Can I print out my DigiLocker-downloaded PLI insurance bond?
Yes, if you need to, you can print out your PLI policy bond that you got from DigiLocker.

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