AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers 2023 PDF Download {New Released} AP SA1 SSC ప్రశ్న పత్రాలు

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AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers 2023 PDF Download {New Released} AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Answer key

AP SA1 10th class Hindi Question Papers 2023 The SA1 Telugu, Math, English, Physics, and Biology Question Papers for the 2023 Summative Assessment-I are accessible through the Andhra Pradesh Education Department. The SA1 Exam, also known as Summative Assessment 1, is held in Andhra Pradesh. Those getting ready for the upcoming Ap SA1 exams have access to the full 10th-grade curriculum for All Subjects.

The Andhra Pradesh Board administers internal evaluation tests for SA1, SA2, and SA3 every year. The Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education administers tests for both formative and summative evaluations in accordance with orders from the AP State Government.AP SA1 10th class Hindi Question Papers in pdf format.

AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers 2023: 

AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers:  We have provided subject-specific course materials and exam questions in this article for the applicants’ advantage. Please feel free to review the syllabus for each course to see if there are any pertinent topics. Candidates should practise more in order to perform well on the SA1 Exams. AP SA1 10th class exam papers 2023.

This website questionpapers.co.in provides information on the Summative Assessment Model Question Papers, Syllabus, and Exam Pattern for Andhra Pradesh State (AP) Schools in 2023.

  • Formative Assessment (FA): Teachers can use a variety of “formative assessment” techniques to check their students’ understanding in the middle of a class, unit, or course (FA).
  • Summative Assessment (SA): Summative Assessment (SA) is a participant assessment method that emphasises the outcome of the programme. Formative evaluation, on the other hand, emphasises the participants’ development at a specific point in time. Summative evaluation is commonly taught in educational programmes in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The AP SA1 Time Table begins on January 2, 2023 and ends on January 10, 2023.

Name of the Exam AP SA1 Examinations
 Board Name  Secondary Education Board
Examination Type.  SA1 Examination
Exam  Date 2nd January 2023 to 10th January 2023
Website: bseap.org


AP SA1 Previous Question Papers [PDF] 10th Class[Hindi Subject]

You may find the AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers on our website. For those searching internet for AP SA1 10th class Hindi question papers or practice exams, we have published SA1 10th class Hindi question papers or model papers. Because of this, all Andhra Pradesh aspirants can download the SA1 Previous Hindi Question Papers for free from this page (AP). And Also you get Ap SA1 10th class all subject question papers and AP Sa1 10th class Telugu Question papers 

మీరు మా వెబ్‌సైట్‌లో AP SA1 10వ తరగతి హిందీ ప్రశ్నా పత్రాలను కనుగొనవచ్చు. AP SA1 10వ తరగతి సామాజిక ప్రశ్న పత్రాలు లేదా అభ్యాస పరీక్షల కోసం ఇంటర్నెట్‌లో శోధిస్తున్న వారి కోసం, మేము SA1 10వ తరగతి హిందీ ప్రశ్న పత్రాలు లేదా మోడల్ పేపర్‌లను ప్రచురించాము. దీని కారణంగా, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ అభ్యర్థులందరూ SA1 మునుపటి హిందీ ప్రశ్నాపత్రాలను ఈ పేజీ (AP) నుండి ఉచితంగా డౌన్‌లోడ్ చేసుకోవచ్చు.

AP SA 1 10th class Hindi Question Papers 2023:{ Hindi Questions papers}AP SA 1 10వతరగతిసామాజిక ప్రశ్నా పత్రాలు 2023:{ తెలుగు ప్రశ్నా పత్రాలు}

AP SA 1 10th class Hindi Question Papers 2023

SUBJECT AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question papers AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question papers AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question papers


AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers 2023: AP SA1 10వ తరగతి హిందీ ప్రశ్నాపత్రాలు 2023:

Andhra Pradesh (AP) AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers & Model Papers for Summative Assessment 1 (SA1) Hindi in the Class ( X Class). Summative Assessment 1 will be tested in January. Students looking for AP SA1 Math 10th class question papers may find them in our article. You may find the AP SA1 10th class Hindi Question Papers for 2023 and AP SA1 10th class All Subject question papers on our website, questionspapers.co.in.

For the subjects covered in the 10th grade, students in Andhra Pradesh (AP) can find the answers to past exam questions here. Please review the information and download any relevant documents. Use the AP 10th class Hindi Previous Question Papers 2023 as you get set to pass the Andhra Pradesh (AP) Board High School Exam. Candidates are suggested to do the following to increase their performance on the AP Board High School Exam: use the Andhra Pradesh AP SA1 10th class Hindi Question Papers 2023 as practice material. And also you get AP SA1 10th class Social Question Papers And AP SA1 10th class Maths Question Papers for free on our page questionspapers.co.in.

AP SA1 Exam Schedule 2023:


The SA1 exams in Andhra Pradesh will start on January 2 and run through January 10, 2023. Primary and senior school timetables are dissimilar. The disciplines covered in total include English, Hindi, Ap SA1 10th English, Mathematics, Social & Science, and Composite Course (All Subjects). A full test schedule will be made public by the Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌లో SA1 పరీక్షలు జనవరి 2న ప్రారంభమవుతాయి మరియు జనవరి 10, 2023 వరకు జరుగుతాయి. ప్రాథమిక మరియు సీనియర్ పాఠశాలల టైమ్‌టేబుల్‌లు భిన్నంగా ఉంటాయి. మొత్తంగా కవర్ చేయబడిన విభాగాలలో ఇంగ్లీష్, హిందీ, Ap SA1 10వ ఇంగ్లీష్, గణితం, సామాజిక & సైన్స్ మరియు మిశ్రమ కోర్సు (అన్ని సబ్జెక్ట్‌లు) ఉన్నాయి. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ బోర్డ్ ఆఫ్ సెకండరీ ఎడ్యుకేషన్ ద్వారా పూర్తి పరీక్ష షెడ్యూల్ పబ్లిక్ చేయబడుతుంది.

 SA1 Time Table For 1stclass To 5th Class [AP]

Date Subject and Paper Time Marks
02/Jan/ 2023 Telugu 10 AM to 12.30 pm 50 Marks
03/Jan/ 2023  English 10 AM. to 12.30 pm 50 Marks
04/Jan/2023 Mathematics 10 AM to 12.30 pm 50 Marks
05/Jan/ 2023 Environmental Science 10 AM to 12.30 pm 50 Marks


 SA1 Time Table For 6thClass To 10th Class [AP]

Date Subject and Paper Time
02/01/2023 First Language  10 AM to 12.30 PM
03/01/2023 Second Language  10 AM to 12.30 PM
04/01/2023  (English) 10 AM. to 12.30 PM
05/01/2023 Mathematics  10 AM to 12.30 PM
06/01/2023  Science 10 AM to 12.30 PM
07/01/2023 Social Studies  10 AM to 12.30 PM
09/01/2023 Composite Sanskrit/ Hindi 10 AM to 12.30 PM


AP SA1 Time Table For 10th Class

Date 10th Class Time
02/Jan/2023  Telugu 10 AM to 12.30 PM
03/Jan/2023 HINDI 10 AM to 12.30 PM
04/Jan/2023 English  10 AM to 12.30 PM
05/Jan/2023 Mathematics  10 AM to 12.30 PM
06/Jan/2023 Science 10 AM TO 12.30 PM
06/Jan/2023 Biological Science

2 PM TO 4.45 PM

07/Jan/2023 Social Studies  10 AM to 12.30 PM
09/Jan/2023 {Composite Course Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Arabic/ Persia 

2 PM TO 4.45 PM

09/Jan/2023 [OSSC Paper II (Sanskrit/ Arabic/ Persia)] (10 AM to 12.30 PM)


AP SA1 Syllabus For 10th Class:


AP SA1 10th Syllabus


{1st. మాతృభావన}.
{2nd. జానపదుని జాబు}.
{3rd. ధన్యుడు}.
{4th. శతక మధురిము.}.
{5th. మాణిక్యవీణ}.
{3rd. అరణ్యకాండ}.
{4th. కిష్కింధకాండ}.
AP SA1 10th Syllabus


[{1st बरसते बादल}]
[{2nd ईदगाह}]
[{3rd शांति की राह में (उपवाचक)}]
[{4th हम भारतवासी}]
[{5th अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर हिंदी}]
[{6th भक्ति पद}]
[{7th अपने स्कूल को एक उपहार (उपवाचक) ].
AP SA1 10th Syllabus


[UNIT-1,2,3,4 and Unseen Passage]
AP SA1 10th Syllabus


[1st Sets]
[2nd Statistics]
[3rd Polynomials]
[4th Probability]
[5th Trigonometry]
[6th Real Numbers]
AP SA1 10th Syllabus


[1st Heat]
[2nd Acids, Bases & Salts]
[3rd Refraction of Light at Plane surfaces]
[4th Structure of Atom]
[5thRefraction of Light at Curved surfaces 6thClassification of elements – The periodic table]
AP SA1 10th Syllabus


[Unit 1 India Relief Features]
[Unit 2 Ideas Of Development]
[Unit 3 Production And Employment]
[Unit 4 Climate And Weather]
[Unit 5 Indian Rivers And Water] Resources Part 1 & 2]
[Unit 13 The World Between Wars From 1900-1950 Part 1]
[Unit 14 The World Between Wars From 1900-1950 Part 2]
[Unit 16 National Movement And Partition Of India]

AP SA1 10th Syllabus




AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers 2023: AP SA1 10వ తరగతి హిందీ ప్రశ్నాపత్రాలు 2023:

AP SA1 10th class Hindi question Papers  Download Here
AP SA1 10th class Hindi question Papers  Download Here
AP SA1 10th class Hindi question Papers  Download Here
AP SA1 10th class Hindi question Papers  Download Here

AP SA1 10th class Question papers For 10th Class: {Download Below links}10వ తరగతికి సంబంధించిన AP SA1 మునుపటి ప్రశ్న పత్రాలు: {క్రింద ఉన్న లింక్‌లను డౌన్‌లోడ్ చేయండి}

Subject  AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question Papers
Telugu Model Paper Model Paper
English Model Paper Model Paper
Hindi Model Paper
Biology Model Paper  Model Paper 
Maths Model Paper Model Paper
Physical Science Model Paper Model Paper
Social Model Paper Model Paper


The Andhra Pradesh Education Board:

The AP State Commissionerate of School Education will conduct the summative assessment (SA1) and formative assessment tests for grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 in January of each year.
The Department of School Education, the largest of the 200 state departments, publishes the schedule for the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth class SA and FA examinations on the State’s Official Website and the District-specific DEO Website. Programs for teacher development are under the direction of the Department of Education, which prioritizes primary and secondary education.

SCERT functions are as follows:

  1. creation of curricula, syllabi, and teaching resources for conventional, alternative, and upper primary education systems.
    the creation of evaluation methods and tools to aid teachers in the classroom.
  2. Bridging the gap between classroom activities and recommended training strategies and methods.
  3. Sharing of information on current practices and processes that educational institutions should adhere to.

  1. participation with national and international organisations in educational efforts.
  2. The government provides the necessary funding for the implementation of its educational policies.
  3. coordinating new hire orientation programs for managers, educators, and other professionals.
  4. publishing articles, books, and periodicals.
  5. It is critical to developing fresh teacher education courses in order to continuously improve the curriculum. to make remote learning programs for teacher preparation available to unskilled instructors.
  6. Many SCERT departments have begun projects with the intention of advancing the organization’s goals. On the page that follows this one, the significant departments’ most recent work is comprehensively documented.

Exam guidelines for the 10th Class:

  1. Time allotted: 2 hours and 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes to read and comprehend the exam questions.
  2. Before continuing, every student is obliged to read the complete exam.
  3. Each student’s hall pass must be used to administer the test.

The following are the AP SA1 Exam Rules and Procedures:

The following guidelines must be followed when administering the SA I Examination:

a. SA The government-provided worksheets, first lesson, or chapter, coupled with the school readiness programme, will be used to evaluate me.

b. The performance of a student in areas including presentation, involvement, communication, and aesthetics can be evaluated using one of the four techniques listed below.

  1. Children’s participation and insightful queries (Languages: After reading a non-textbook book, write a report. Make up your own math issues and answers. Describe an experiment that was performed by him or her in a lab report. Social (comments on current events) (comments on current events) (Comments on the news of the day) –
  2. Using writing tools (Own diary entries, field notes, data collection and analysis reports, creative writings, etc.
  3. Project management software (Teachers may develop any other useful software) is used to organize and present projects, lab activities, model-making, artwork, paintings, and other assignments.
  4. Several academic requirements will be covered on the practise test. There is no obligation to perform slip tests on a regular basis, similar to how we evaluated unit tests in the past. The instructor may conduct a slip test during his regularly scheduled session because of its informal nature.

For advice on how to take the 10th Class exams, view the video below.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AP SA1 10th Class Hindi Question papers:

1. Where can I get the SA1 for the 2023 elections in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: The schedule for the Andhra Pradesh 2023 Summative Assessment 1 (SA-1) Exam is available on the state board’s official website, apscert.gov.in.

2. How important is the tenth grade exactly?

Ans: The short answer is that it will affect your future. The CBSE 10 exam is the first and most crucial step in selecting a future vocation since how well you do on it will have a significant impact on your ability to enrol in class 11 and pursue your chosen stream.

3. What subject is simple for tenth graders?

Ans. Maybe it’s easier to grasp history than, say, psychology. Out of all the disciplines, I think English is the one I have the most trouble understanding. It is the subject that all streams—not just the arts stream—find to be the simplest. It is simple to read and comprehend.

4. Does the study contain any sensitive information?

Ans: You’ll be able to study more effectively if you take care of yourself. Keep in mind how crucial it is to keep a healthy weight, get enough sleep, and exercise. Making oneself study into the wee hours of the morning or rewarding oneself with an excessive amount of fatty or sweet snacks are both bad habits. Additionally, it’s a good idea to stay hydrated while studying.

5. How frequently do the best students study?

Ans: To attain their short- and long-term goals in life, top students use two realistic strategies—consistent study habits and passing the course.


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